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Last level seems impossible to complete. I've landed between the horns 3 times.

Now I'm just having fun yeeting Gura into the horns and seeing what kind of crazy angles she flies off at.

we need more yeetable options, after all there is more that can be yeeted

Thank you for trying the game! I'll see if I can find the time to update the game in the future, because there is already a similar but more developed game called Delivering Hope

I thought getting between Laplus' horns would be the win for Level 5 but it was not? :O

It should be, I'll check the hitboxes again
Thank you for trying the game!

I don't really get what I'm suppose to do for the final level, still interesting idea.

Didn't think people would actually play this game, for the final level you're supposed to get between Laplus' horns
Thank you for trying the game!

Like this? because it didn't count

The angles make no sense to me.

It's tricky to get some shots right, but it was fun to play!

Good game! :D